Standard Petka is a round sequin with a diameter of 1 cm with a hole in the center. Today on the shelves of components and fabrics can meet sequins of various shapes (square, leaf, flower or animal), colors, and size (up to three inches in diameter). The way they fasten on the fabric will depend on the desired pattern, fabric and look of the sequins.

What better seams to sew sequins

The usual small sequins with a hole in the middle of the traditionally sewn seam "back needle". For it you need to thread the needle with a knot at the end of the thread to the center of the sequins. Then insert the needle for paetkau, returning it back. Now you can either move on to sewing the next element (then the sequins will overlap, hiding the thread), or to thread the needle in front of the sequin in parallel with the first stitch and return it to the center (in this case, sequins will be a continuous flat strip).
Sew-on sparkles to outerwear, home textiles or decor use the invisible thin line. For garment decoration, which is in contact with the body, take the thread to match sequins or contrasting color.

Another option, as it is possible to sew sequins – by means of a seam "loop". To do this you need to withdraw the needle into the center of the sequin and back, leaving a small loop on the left. Then insert the needle into the loop just behind paetkau and secure with a small stitch. To hide the thread and to create an imitation of fish scales, instead of fixing stitch begin to sew the next Petco.

Other ways of fastening sparkles

To give extra sparkle and originality of the product, attaching sequins with beads. Pick a thin needle, beads with a wide hole and thread to match the beads and start pinning. To do this, thread the needle in the center of the sequin, thread one or more beads and bring the needle into the hole of the sequins.
If you have decided with the help of sparkles to decorate a piece of furniture that you will not be washable, it can be glued with superglue sequins. If you want sequins to decorate clothing, in this case you need to sew them.

Also you can combine sequins "bridges" from basera. In this case, you need a needle strung with the beads to pass through the center of the next sequins.

Experiment and take the best solution for you, how to sew sequins.