Where to write ex after a breakup

If you decided to write about his feelings to a former young person, you should not use a mobile phone. A text message is likely to remain unanswered, and you will not be able to convey all your thoughts and feelings.

It would be very romantic to use for writing the old way: write it on a sheet of paper by hand. Recently, however, young boys and girls for correspondence try to use email or social network.

What to write to the former

To you feel better you should write your ex sincere letter in which to invest all his soul.

Start writing from the moment you met. Tell me that you still remember the first time I saw him that word for word you remember your first conversation. How beautiful and interesting it seemed to you sometime. Put the word out that when you are all began, you were hoping for something that met the true love that will last a lifetime.

Remind him about how you loved to dream together. Surely in your plans included a family, children and cozy little house. Perhaps you have always wanted to go together on a journey, but all of your dreams and were not implemented.

Try to speculate why it happened, why a seemingly perfect relationship led to this outcome. Analyze your behaviour, find the errors in it and think of you together would be able to solve it and fix it.

One should not blame the young man. Make smarter and take much of the blame on yourself. Tell me that only now I understand that somewhere did not behave properly, it might be, often jealous, gave little attention to themselves or a loved one provoked to jealousy. He needs to understand that you have begun to understand and willing to change for the better.

Thank a former lover for the time that you spent together. Tell me that you were very good with him, which is hardly ever someone to love as much as him, but hope that in his life he will meet a person to which he would be treated better than you, which is more loving, more appreciative. You need to let him know that you still have feelings for him, but you with a clear conscience, release him, and will no longer make any attempts and steps forward. Let him be happy, but only without you.