Methods of removal of tonsils in children

The operation of tonsillectomy (removal) of the gland lies in their selection and removal via the special loop. Currently the child you can remove them using the method of electrocoagulation, laser, ultrasound, etc. the Choice of method depends on the density of scar tissue and the extent of their fusion with the tissues of the throat. The classic method – removal of the tonsils with a scalpel. This operation is dangerous emergence of bleeding. A more gentle method of galvanometer in which the tonsils are removed using a special device, which can cauterize the blood vessels, preventing bleeding.

The tonsils are also removed by the method of cardiac surgery using liquid nitrogen. Ultrasonic method is used to remove the contents of the gland with preservation of their shell. The safest way to remove tonsils with the help of fiber-optic laser or CO-laser. The first type of the devices burns out tonsils from the inside, the second makes them craters, having a specified depth. They burned through the fabric of the tonsils.

Until recently, the removal of tonsils was performed under local anesthesia, in this case, the operation is accompanied by severe stress, even for adults, not to mention the children. When using General anesthesia, the person's consciousness shuts off, pain perception is blocked. Advantage of General anesthesia is the fact that to achieve from children of relaxation and immobility during surgery under local anaesthesia is impossible. General anesthesia allows the doctor to work quietly.

As the child removes the tonsils

Removal of the tonsils the child is as follows. Implementation of anesthesia carried out using et tube or laryngeal mask. Anesthesia is chosen individually for each patient. The anesthesiologist puts on a child's face mask, baby falls asleep within a few minutes. Surgery for a child is painless, while her tonsils are removed completely or part of them, depending on the disease. Duration of surgery ranges from half an hour to forty-five minutes.

Baby wakes up under the supervision of medical staff. Turn it over on its side and make a neck lotion from the ice. General anesthesia is to ensure the absence of pain only at the time of surgery. In the postoperative period pain need to take medications that are prescribed by a doctor. The child will also need a course of antibiotics to prevent infections. Within a week after surgery, you should feed the baby liquid food, you can give ice cream, cream.