Consult a doctor to get prescribed a course of antibiotic therapy. Without antibiotics win the disease is almost impossible, especially if purulent tonsillitis or chronic. Even if you remove the visible symptoms with the help of improvised means, it does not mean that you managed to cure a sore throat. The drug is prescribed individually, so there is no point in taking the first pills, and they are sold only by prescription.
On the background of the main treatment and ancillary spend. Gargle with salt solution (1 tablespoons of salt; 0,5 h. l. baking soda; 1-2 drops of iodine; 200 ml of water), calendula tincture (2 tablespoons per Cup of water) or decoction of chamomile. Procedure is carried out as often as possible, then a sore throat cure work much faster.
Do steam inhalation. Add in a liter of boiling water, a little soda or essential oils of cedar wood and breathe on the fumes for 20-30 minutes. Bacteria will begin to die, and the mucosa to recover. Pulmonary do several times a day, but if this is not possible, at least for the night.
Dissolve in mouth lozenges from sore throat every four hours or orosite throat spray preparations. This will help to reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria that cause unpleasant sensations.
Once the angina cured, propene course of immunomodulators, vitamin complexes and restore the intestinal microflora with bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. If you show a little attention towards their health and actually cure a sore throat and can't get rid of only the symptoms, the disease will cease to trouble you much longer than usual.