Conditions cure

To achieve a complete cure in most cases it is possible for patients whose disease was diagnosed at an early stage, which is characterized by small lung damage. The function of an organ in accordance with instructions of physician may be after some time restored. During treatment it is especially important to the immune system. As a rule, in patients with advanced stages of tuberculosis the immune system is no longer able to suppress the disease and provide proper recovery of damaged organs and tissues.

Greatly influenced by selected medical specialist treatment. When multiple TB drugs can get rid of germs and help the body to start healing the affected areas of the lung.

The specificity of the treatment

Tuberculosis treatment is lengthy. The complex includes the use of drugs to improve immunity, termination of the reproduction of pathogenic microbes, the closure of cavities formed in the bodies and dispersal of new foci of disease in the body. The duration of treatment for each patient can be individualized, but the average healing from tuberculosis, probably through the already 12-18 months. By a comprehensive approach, doctors can bring about healing, but in some cases it is not cured before the end of the disease to return and become more resistant to the applied drugs. But because the prognosis given to the patient, more often than not is favorable.

The timing and the possibility of complete cure is also determined by the condition of the organs of the sick person, their reaction to the use of certain drugs. In the treatment of patients use different ways of introduction of drugs. For example, some patients respond well to therapy with pills. At the same time, other patients may require the introduction of the drug intramuscularly or intravenously. Some patients are encouraged to enter the drug directly into the bronchi or into the lesion.

Treatment for tuberculosis is carried out strictly individually, which also determines the effectiveness of therapy. It is important to regularly take a prescribed medication, if necessary, to change the drugs to avoid addiction and the development by microbes of resistance to the given therapy.

Not less important in treatment of the disease is adherence to sanatorium-hygienic regime followed by a transition into the training program. It is important to observe all instructions from your doctor and follow the prescribed diet.