Advice 1: How to cure TB at an early stage

Tuberculosis is called severe viral disease that is transmitted by airborne and contact-household way. The source of infection is a sick person, the distributor of "Koch's Bacillus" - the causative agent of this disease. Not all people who had contact with a sick person will become ill with TB, this virus extends basically in a weakened body, or after prolonged contact with the source of infection.
How to cure TB at an early stage
To identify tuberculosis at an early stage is quite difficult, because of fatigue, weight loss, fatigue and increased perspiration, loaded with work and household problems people often just don't pay attention. However, early signs of the tuberculosis that way.

Other symptoms of this disease can be easily confused with the common cold or flu. This intermittent fever, prolonged cough, at first dry, then with phlegm in larger lung disease, swollen lymph nodes, pain in muscles and joints.
Tuberculosis can develop not only in lungs but also in other parts of the body, then the cough will not. However, in 90% of cases, the disease strikes it is the respiratory system of a person.

If antiviral drugs do not help and you continue to feel unwell for a long period of time, it is necessary to do chest x-rays and blood tests. The results of these studies, and skin test and Mantoux test, the doctor can diagnose the disease.

Early diagnosis is very important, because in this case the probability of full recovery. TB treatment is complex and prolonged and, at the time it takes at least 6 months at the most mild form of the disease.

You must comply with all instructions of the attending physician, and in any case not to interrupt the treatment before it ends, as it is fraught with complications and emergence of resistant forms of the disease that cure not just.


During the entire course of treatment daily the patient should take 4 to 5 medications. The different components of the drugs effect on the tubercle Bacillus in a variety of ways, allowing you to effectively destroy this tenacious pathogen.
The main drugs include such drugs as "Pyrazinamide", "Rifampicin", "Isoniazid", "Ethambutol" and others.

At high temperature and severe intoxication shown inpatient treatment, in the future, with the normalization condition, the patient may continue treatment as an outpatient. When compensated and subcompensated form of tuberculosis is shown a Spa treatment. One of the best sanatoriums for treatment of tuberculosis is in the Crimea.

Additional treatment

Treatment of tuberkuleza poorly tolerated by the body, therefore during this period it is necessary to maintain its protective function. Patient nutrition must be complete and varied, also need such restorative measures as breathing exercises, physiotherapy, massage, and immunotherapy.

Advice 2: How to cure TB at home

Tuberculosis is a serious disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. Among those people whose immunity is severely weakened. To treat tuberculosis it is necessary thoroughly, only then can we expect for recovery.
How to cure TB at home
Symptoms of tuberculosis the following: high temperature, weight loss, cough, shortness of breath, headache. If the disease is detected early, the chances of cure is very high. Typically, patients undergoing therapy at home. It can be used medications prescribed by the doctor after a thorough examination, or folk remedies.

Treatment of tuberculosis folk remedies

Take an enamel bowl and pour 500 ml of vodka. Dissolve it in 2 cups sugar and then pour 150 grams of dried cherries and place the pot on the burner. Bring the mixture to a boil and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. Leave it to infuse for half an hour, then strain and let the patient 4 times a day for 1 tbsp the Course of treatment without interruption until complete recovery.

Take a few pounds of sugar beets, wash and chop the root vegetables. This is all cover with water and boil for 1 hour. You should get a concentrated decoction. Then add 2 kg of sugar and 700 g of yeast, which must be homemade and made from hops. Then the broth is poured into cans and left near a hot battery or a stove for a week. During this time he has time to ferment. Ready intoxicating drink, you need to take in 3-4 cups a day for 6 months. After the therapy you can get rid of the symptoms of tuberculosis.

Use for the treatment of this disease aloe. You need to take 5-year-old tree and not water it for 5 days. Then he cut off all the leaves, washed and passed through a meat grinder. Prepared mass is placed in a glass jar, there is added 2 kg of honey and 2 liters of quality wine. All components are thoroughly mixed, covered with lid and left for 5 days in a cool dark place. Make ready the mixture should be 2 hours before meals for 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. Treatment should continue 1.5 months. Then you need to take a break for 60 days and if necessary to repeat it.

Lemons get rid of tuberculosis

Effective treatment of tuberculosis is that which is prepared on the basis of a lemon. They need to take in the amount of 4 pieces, wash and peel. All the fruit is thoroughly crushed, and then passed into the cheesecloth and squeeze the juice into a glass jar. Next, take the chicken village eggs (5 pieces), washed and down into the jar. Then you need to wait until their shell is completely dissolved in the juice. Then it is filtered and added to a small amount of honey and butter. There result whites and yolks with previously placed in a jar of eggs, the film which it will be necessary carefully to pierce. Then the mixture is put in 200 ml of Cahors wine and left for the day. Is such a tool and 1 tbsp of milk before meals 3 times a day. The course is 1 month.
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