In some cases, prescribe a closed form of tuberculosis

In closed form of the disease the cutaneous tuberculin test in infected patients gives a positive result in most cases. Thus patients don't feel discomfort, sputum and they have a negative radiography does not show changes in the lungs. This means that the Bacillus causing tuberculosis, live in the body, but are inactive.

The closed tuberculosis infection occurs through airborne droplets. Pathogens are contained in saliva of patients with open tuberculosis. The infection occurs in people with weakened immune systems, young children. Most infected appears closed tuberculosis, a substantial proportion of such patients it does not go into an open form. Treatment of the closed form of the disease can reduce the risk of active tuberculosis to a large extent.

Special therapy is only administered to patients included in the risk group: HIV-positive patients, people suffering from malnutrition, people who abuse alcohol, patients with insulin-dependent diabetes, patients with silicosis, patients with renal insufficiency, malignant tumors, patients who drink the drugs that suppress the immune system (e.g., glucocorticoids). The probability of the risk of developing active TB is increased in smokers, in people working or living in areas with significant air pollution.

Treatment closed form of tuberculosis

In the treatment of closed form of tuberculosis, usually prescribed the Isoniazid and/or Rifampicin". In each case, apply one of the following treatment regimes. The nine-month course, consisting of 270 doses of common minimum, include a daily intake of "Isoniazid". In a six-month course included a daily intake of "Isoniazid", the minimum number of doses is 180. A four-month course is daily receiving "Rifampicin", the minimum number of doses - 120. Three-month course involves taking a once a week "Isoniazid" and "Rifampicin", you need to take at least 12 doses of drugs.

Side effects of these drugs can be diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, headaches. When they are increased and the appearance of skin rash, jaundice, itching, dizziness, extreme weakness, tingling or numbness in the limbs, be sure to notify your doctor. To maintain immunity you need to include in the diet garlic, onions, green tea, citrus fruits, kiwi, dairy products, fish and seafood, fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, cereals, spices.