How is a mini-abortion

Mini abortion is carried out on the fifth week of pregnancy or 25 days after delay of menstruation. Before this time doctors do not recommend to terminate the pregnancy due to cases with adverse outcomes. Only experienced doctors can perform surgery on early and late stages. However, they must justify their decision and provide the maximum guarantee of security of the patient.

Vacuum abortion is the most reliable method of abortion, in comparison with other types of abortion. In 98% of cases the issue is solved positively.

Before surgery should be examined by a gynecologist and do an ultrasound. You must pass a number of tests. For surgery is more often used local anesthesia.

The whole procedure of abortion takes no more than 7-10 minutes. After the surgery within the hour have to be on bed rest. The abortion is performed with a special tool, called a vacuum aspirator. It is introduced into the uterus, there is formed a thin atmosphere, which allows you to suck the fetus out of the uterus. During the surgery process a small area of the uterus and do not use metal tools to extend it. This is the main advantage of vacuum abortion, because it eliminates the risk of injury, reduce the chances of infections, bleeding and other effects.

The advantages and disadvantages of mini-abortion

Vacuum abortion there are no heavy consequences that can lead to infertility. While abortion at the early period the vessels and the uterine walls less are damaged, and the body quickly and easily restored. The procedure is performed with a special tool, without scraping with a sharp curette.

The disadvantages of this kind of abortion include possible complications. Many people, especially young women, are not ready morally to abortion, leading to psychological distress and intense emotions. After abortion there is a risk of menstrual disorders and inflammation of the genital organs. Many worried about a hormonal imbalance in the body.

The most frequent "incomplete abortion", that is, the ovum remained in the uterus and the pregnancy stayed. To avoid this, follow after the abortion to conduct a sonogram and seen the gynecologist in a month.

Dragging pain in the abdomen after abortion are normal. Although abortion is called mini, but it is considered surgery. To get rid of pain using antispasmodics.