Grounded means finding a suspect or defendant in a private residential area or in the place where he is legally. Moreover, the person is subject to certain limitations or prohibitions in terms of its interaction with the surrounding world. For the court has defined a preventive measure, you need to be registered or is registered in the apartment or house. If the state of health of the prisoner requires hospital, place of detention may become a treatment facility.
To determine such a measure of restraint may only court in cases where a more lenient measure cannot be, but at the same time, the crime is not serious. As a function of house arrest discusses the need for unloading the filled prisons and detention centres. As the state Duma members, for offences of low severity should not make criminals in the same conditions as for serious crimes. This will make the criminal system of the country in a humane and liberal.
When selecting home arrest as measures of restraint, the court may impose prohibitions or restrictions on the outside of the apartment or house, socializing with certain individuals (most often with other defendants in the case, and sometimes all friends and family), sending and receiving correspondence, using means of communication (including the Internet).
The choice of restrictions and prohibitions for the suspect or the accused depends on the severity of the charges, health status, age, marital status and other factors. All these circumstances are specified in the petition under the consideration of the measure. Accordingly, the conditions of house arrest may be different: someone you cannot communicate with anyone other than living in the same apartment, others - only those who belongs to the case, e.g., witnesses, accomplices; for some, any correspondence is prohibited, on the other, this prohibition does not apply; one can not even go outside the apartment, others can go to work, etc.
To control suspects or defendants can apply a variety of media: audiovisual, electronic devices and other equipment. In some cases, for any of your leaving the apartment or calling the person needs to report to regulatory authorities. Although any contact or movement, they still keep track.
If the measure of man defined house arrest, he is not forbidden to use the telephone to call an ambulance or the police, rescuers in case of emergencies. Also he can freely communicate with the interrogating officer, investigator, and regulatory authorities. However, in any case, all this is in advance stipulated in the remand.
If the suspect or the accused does not comply with any regulations, restrictions and prohibitions, the court may change the measure of restraint to a strict.