The newborn in this world waiting not only surprises, but also various diseases. That's why some vaccinations are done in the first day of a child's life, others later. They needed the baby to protect his body from various diseases, such as polio.

What is polio?

Children's spinal paralysis, or polio occurs in children from 5 months to 6 years. This disease is contagious, which is transmitted by airborne droplets, through unwashed hands and food, by insects.

The causative virus is poliovirus hominis, belonging to the group of enteric viruses. It may be a long time reside in the external environment, while maintaining their vital capacity. Tolerates cold and heat, is not afraid of freezing and drying.

The virus infects the motor nerve cells and the spinal cord. As a result, children have paralysis of certain groups of muscles, they can atrophy. As a result, the child becomes disabled. To protect yourself from diseases with a course of vaccinations.
In some cases the disease progresses without any symptoms and the body itself cope with polio. Such person to become a vector of disease, although he doesn't know it.

The vaccination schedule against polio

Vaccination against polio is included in the basic vaccination schedule of a child in many countries. In Russia and Ukraine she is child 4 times in the first year of life:
1. In 3 months
2. In 4 months
3. In 5 months
4. In 6 months.

Revaccination is carried out at the age of one and a half year, 20 months and 14 years.

There are 2 types of vaccines: live oral and non-living, inactivated, and administered with a syringe in the muscle tissue.
Live vaccine activates the immune system of the mucous membranes, that is to protect the possible ways of infection. Inanimate contributes to the development of the system of protection, that is, total immunity.
The first 4 vaccinations are non-living cultures, as when using drops, there is the possibility of developing a vaccine-associated polio. This is mainly seen in children with immune system deficiency.

Used for revaccination vaccinated with a live vaccine. This helps to activate both local and systemic immunity, and thus fully protect baby. Prohibited the use of the oral drops for children diagnosed with HIV who have parents with this disease, and also kids with primary immunodeficiency who are constantly sick.

Refusal of vaccination or not vaccinated on time can cause infection of the baby wild strain polio. This kind of disease we had in 2010. Refresher any kind of polio, the child will for life remain disabled.