Why people sweat

Sweating is a thermoregulatory behavior. Due to heat, heavy exercise or nervous shock the sweat glands start to excrete a saline solution. Sometimes in a healthy person per day, up to 12 liters of sweat. Although modern standards of beauty they blame the wet spot on his chest and back like wet armpit sweating is good for you. People who reluctant to part with contained in the body fluid can not tolerate heat and are more likely to suffer from overheating, the steam bath or sauna, relax in the hot southern sun will end soon for them to heat stroke than will bring pleasure.

Why do some people sweat less than others

The intensity of sweating to a large extent is affected by heredity, because it determines the intensity of work of glands of internal secretion. Virtually no sweaty people won the genetic lottery and got a good inheritance, but from the point of view of evolution this could be termed a disadvantage. But also at lower sweating can be affected by disease. Autonomic neuropathy, infections, burns, dehydration, and some drugs used in psychiatry, can cause a similar phenomenon.

Where does excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can also be hereditary and be caused by the influence of disease or a certain lifestyle. The people, the sweat glands are in no hurry to withdraw fluid, usually suffer from this problem much less than those who sweat constantly. This condition can be caused by low levels of testosterone in men and menopause in women – during this period, many ladies worried about the fever that most often occurs in the night, and, as a result, the wet marks on the pillow.. Low blood sugar, malaria, tuberculosis, as well as problems with the thyroid gland, producing excessive amounts of the hormone thyroxine can act as the sauna, causing the patient to sweat.

How to sweat less

From the point of view of biology, a sweaty man is nothing special, but the surrounding is still not too pleasant to be around, someone with flowing streams. Although fresh sweat does not smell on the air, it oxidizes and begins to emit a bad smell. In modern society it is possible to calculate a problem.
Actively sweating people need to pay special attention to their hygiene as often as possible to take a shower and wear a damp cloth to prevent odors.

Modern cosmetology offers as anti perspiration deodorants and antiperspirants. First destroy the smell of sweat and second – clog the sweat glands, preventing the performance of moisture in the skin. Although antiperspirants effectively eliminate the problem, they bring harm to health.
Antiperspirants can cause dermatitis. But the common assertion that they cause breast cancer, have not yet been confirmed.

Want less sweat – change your diet. Avoid drinking alcohol and soft drinks, coffee, strong tea. Richly flavored food, though delicious, can also cause you to lose fluid. Try to decrease your stress, and then increased perspiration will bother you much less.