Causes of unpleasant mouth odor

Bad breath is called halitosis. Depending on the state of health of halitosis can be temporary or permanent.

The main cause of bad breath is slowing production of saliva, which leads to the appearance of dead cells on the tongue that are in the process of decomposition unpleasant smell, so in the morning, almost all people (9 out of 10 people) there is halitosis. Also bad breath can occur during long journeys when a person drinks enough water.

In General, a bad odor often emanates from the language, however, the process of decomposition of dead cells may occur in other areas of the oral cavity, e.g. teeth, between which remnants of food are stuck starting over time to decompose. If you don't brush your teeth, the bacteria accumulate on the teeth, which can also cause a very specific breath.

Food and Smoking are also common causes of bad body odour, as well as strict dieting and fasting can lead to halitosis.

Infection of the oral cavity such as caries, periodontitis or stomatitis affect fresh breath.

There are also a number of medical reasons that cause the unpleasant smell: the use of certain kinds of medications, liver diseases and kidney, diabetes, gastrointestinal reflux and.

The smell of acetone breath

The cause of the smell of acetone breath are ketones – byproducts of fat metabolism that are produced in the body during starvation, lack of carbohydrates or diabetes.

Ketones can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis. In this case, it is urgent to seek help from a specialist.

How to test bad breath self

Better to be safe and independently verify the presence of unpleasant odors. Language is his main source, so you should test it first.

If the language is pink and no plaque, it is a good sign, and the white and deposits – not very. You need to scrape off with the tip of the spoon a little bit of plaque off the tongue, give it to dry completely, and then sniff.

There is another way to test the freshness of breath: you need to lick the back of your hand, let the saliva dry and then smell the surface.

How to eliminate bad breath

Halitosis occurs for many different reasons. Sometimes a timely visit to the doctor helps to solve this problem. Unfortunately, all methods to combat this problemoy are temporary, so treatments must be constantly repeated to save themselves and others from unpleasant mouth odor.

Often drink water. If the mouth constantly produces saliva, the chances of appearance of halitosis are significantly reduced.

While brushing the teeth is necessary not to forget to use the scraper for your tongue, removing his plaque. If you carry out this procedure regularly, you can significantly reduce bad breath.

Use the floss under hygienic procedures.This will help to get rid of food debris that get stuck between the teeth and, although the language is still the main source of unpleasant odor, flossing also plays a role.

If you can not immediately after a meal to brush your teeth instead of gum or breath mints is better to use a mouthwash. Rinse your mouth for 30 seconds, and then nothing to eat and not to smoke for half an hour after rinsing.

How to remove the smell from his mouth with food

Green tea has strong antibacterial properties which helps to reduce odours.

Cinnamon contains essential oils that destroy many bacteria. You can add a stick of cinnamon in your morning tea or cereal.

Some fruits and crunchy vegetables also contribute to fresh breath. With an unpleasant odor help to cope: apples, celery, carrots, berries, oranges and melon.

For some time give a fresh breath seeds: anise, cardamom, fennel, dill and parsley.

How to get rid of the smell of onions and garlic

Onion and garlic is inevitable and very useful ingredients that make the dish tastier and healthier. However, after eating onions and garlic odor from the mouth.

With the breath will help to manage Apple, lemon juice, green tea, and milk.

How to eliminate the smell of alcohol and stale

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to get rid of the obsessive smell of alcohol, and no method is 100% effective. However, you can try to carefully brush your teeth, drink a Cup of black coffee or chew coffee beans, gum or activated carbon 10-20 tablets (according to weight).