Advice 1: How to make a ball for the topiary

Topiary means "tree of happiness". This is a great gift for a wedding or birthday. If you decide to do it yourself, you should know that the basis of any of the topiary is ball. It can be manufactured from readily available materials.
How to make a ball for the topiary

Ball from the Newspapers. Take old newspaper, crumple them. Crease as long as you do not get a tight ball. Following the paper wrap around the resulting ball. Pay attention to to get a round shape. Then take the sock and shove him the ball. Knot the bottom threads. Check out the resulting shape, if you need more tension on the stocking. Paint with spray paint or acrylic paints to color Bushueva of topiary.

To wrap the ball instead of stocking you can use plastic wrap. If the top you're going to glue decorations to the topiary with hot glue, then the tape you need to wrap the threads.

Balloon in papier-mache. Inflate a small balloon. PVA glue pour in a bowl. Take newspaper or paper, cut them small pieces, dip them in glue and attach to the balloon. After reaching the thickness of the paper layer is 1 cm, allow to dry the glue and puncture the ball. Paint the ball in the desired color.

A ball of foam. Take durable positionby package, gloved hands squeeze the foam in the package. When it hardens, remove the ball and cut it with a peeler or with a knife until obtaining a spherical shape. In this ball is very convenient to stick the elements of topiary on the toothpicks.

The Styrofoam ball. If you have the packaging of the refrigerator and other large appliances, then you can cut the Styrofoam ball. To do this, cut a small piece and as in the previous version, cut the ball out of it, trying to achieve a round shape.

Ball of sisal. First, crumple the little ball of newspaper, then apply on top of sisal and establish his thread in color to the ball. The resulting tree can also decorate, but in itself it already looks impressive.

The ball of moss. Ready to apply the foam ball and glue the moss onto the hot glue. Get a ball of natural materials, well suited to eco-friendly compositions.

You can use plastic balls for children's ball pits or balls, rattan sold in interior shops.


Advice 2: How to make a ball inside a ball

Want their hands to decorate the room or prepare the design for the event, or maybe just want a holiday in the shower? Decoration with balloons is one of the easiest ways to implement his plan. But to diversify and add flavor to your decor take advantage of a new idea – to make a balloon in balloon.
How to make a ball inside a ball
You will need
  • transparent balls bigger balls and a more dense texture, colorful, heart-shaped or animal.
A small bright ball roll into a tube and insert gently into a large transparent sphere. The neck of the balloon filling to leave outside and hold.
Pump inflate a larger balloon about half, don't forget to hold the neck of a little ball, or your ball inside a ball can turn into a rag in a bowl. Hold both of the neck of the balloons and insert the pump into the inner colored bead.
Inflate a small balloon to the desired size. The size of the ball in the ball depends only on your wishes and ideas: you can inflate it right next to a large ball, and you can leave very small.
If you think you overdid the size of the internal, you can add the volume of the external balloon.
Now carefully tie both neck in one common node. If you want to make the dynamics of the balloons tie a neck separately, then the inner ball will "dance" in the large.
You can make a surprise ball, for this to a small ball sprinkle confetti and chopped foil. If a large balloon to burst, the guests will fall of colored rain.
The finished ball can be decorated with ribbon or put on a stick with a special socket. You can attach them to a special frame, to make the arch. This option may be suitable for wedding decoration.
Also these balloons can be inflated with helium and they will float in the air. In this case, you can just link them to all possible places in the room. The bigger and brighter your balls balls, the merrier the atmosphere. In the end, you can just tie helium balloons to ribbons and go for a walk. Festive mood, attention and smiles of passers you provided!

Advice 3: Ball for topiary with their hands

Topiary is a popular form of needlework that gives unlimited scope to imagination and creativity. But often quilters are faced with a shortage of round bars, provide the basis for crafts. A few simple recipes will help you easily solve the problem in a way that does not require a large investment of time and Finance.
Topiary with their hands

Topiary, or "tree of happiness" is a refined and original interior decoration consisting of decorative embellished crown, the trunk and the tank, which fixed the tree.

As the basis for crown craftswomen use either ready shop blanks, often shaped or carved base out of scrap materials.

Manufacturing of ball for the topiary foam

The foam balls are very easy to use: their surface is well attached decorative elements, they are easy to paint, adjust the shape.

To make such a ball at home, using a simple device made from scrap plumbing pipe, or any other sturdy tube.

The size of the finished ball will depend on the tube diameter, so for making small objects, you can use the plastic tubes from the foam, and for large balls to make a device out of the tube, where you store the rolls of linoleum.

Device for cutting balloon is a plastic tube, one end of which is cut half in length, representing about a third of the tube. The resulting piece should resemble a scoop.

устройство для вырезания шара

All trimmed and bottom of the billet tightly paste sandpaper is better suited to the smallest, "nulevka". The device is immersed in the foam side with the edge of the sandpaper and use it to cut out a cylinder.

The foam cylinder is placed on the opposite side of the device resembling a scoop, and rotating around its own axis to grind the spherical shape.

вырезание шара

Manufacturing of ball for the topiary from the newspaper

A more simple method of manufacture of a ball involves the use of old Newspapers. A quarter of the newspaper crumples to obtain a spherical shape, and then layer by layer add more a sheet of newspaper until the balloon reaches the desired size.

The finished ball is placed in an old sock, pull the fabric and gathering it in folds at the base, tie with thread or sew a few stitches. Instead of a sock can be used an old handkerchief, nylon stocking, unnecessary scraps of fabric.

For connection of the trunk of the topiary and his crown on the basis of newspaper ball, you must at the base of the workpiece to be done with scissors, a small hole, fill it with glue and insert the trunk of the future tree.

шары из газеты

Manufacturing of ball for the topiary of sinetone

For the topiary with light decorative elements – feathers, paper flowers, beads, etc. the basis for the crown can be made from scraps of batting or foam.

Of batting form spherical billet and wrapped her strong thread to secure the shape.

The preform is then placed on a piece of polyester batting or any fabric cut in the form of a circle, lay the seam edge of the circle, pull together and fasten the thread ends.

шары из синтепона

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