First you need to determine the dominant perceptual system of the person. That is, to know how he gets the most information through hearing, vision or tactile sensation. Usually the person indicates that he only unconsciously. If he constantly asks you for something to look at, it is the dominant visual system. If you hear audio.

Then, create a comfortable atmosphere of mutual understanding. Listen carefully to man, mark what words he uses, and where pauses and so on. You should imitate his manner of speaking. This is not so easy, considering that the other person should not notice any obvious abnormalities in your behavior. Preferably even stand in the same position as he, then the conversation will flow more comfortably.

Then you can move on to the effects. Say what you want to. Depending on the temperament of the interlocutor, your speech may be aggressive, neutral or appealing. Ideally, if you manage to put the interlocutor into a stupor. At this point it is little understood and almost certainly will agree to help you.