Many people have heard stories that even taken many miles from home the cat after some time, still found a way back. There are various theories about how this animal manages to navigate unfamiliar terrain, but, unfortunately, this can primarily those cats that live on the street. Only one or two of ten home sissies can find the way home, the rest, being alone in a strange place, just panic.

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What to do to find the runaway cat?

Often those cats that go for walks on the street, choose for yourself freedom and don't want to go home. Such an animal will be even more difficult to find, because it is in any case will not go to the call of the master, and, on the contrary, will try to run and hide from him.

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If lost pet cat, to find her as soon as possible, because she is in great danger – the animal can get hit by a car or become easy prey for a pack of stray dogs. Don't sit and wait that your favorite come back – start its active search.

как искать собаку

Where to look for a lost cat? She will not go away from your home, so look for it in his surroundings, while moving in a widening spiral. The cat will not cling to their homeless relatives and will certainly try to hide, so in the process of searching call her by name, while rustling the bag of food or her favorite toy. Keep in mind that a scared animal can not go on the call of the host and stopping at some secluded spot, literally numb with fear. So closely inspect all adjacent to your home territory. Do not leave without attention to either the attic, no stairs, no basement and no one growing in the yard tree.

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What if a lost cat can't find?

If you are not able to find the cat yourself, then go on a quest with the support of relatives and friends. Pair up and work the territory, and this is best done in the late evening or early morning. At this time the street is quite quiet and deserted, and the animal is more likely to come to the call.

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Certainly give to his assistants and post on the porches and pillars of high-quality photo of your pet with their phone number and request the finder to return the cat for a fee, and also post them on social networks and forums in your city. The Declaration must indicate special features of the animal. Similar ads to hang in pet stores and veterinary clinics.

In any case do not tighten with the search, and then with high probability your favorite soon to be home.