For the preparation of theatrical make-up you'll need watercolor (do not take gouache as it irritates the skin) is fresh and not salty bacon.
* Melt fat, you need fat from it. You can instead of fat to get the cooking oil;
* Mash the paint to the powder;
* A little rubbing, mix the fat and dry the paint.
Theatrical makeup is ready. In composition it differs slightly from the store, but you know that no harmful ingredients, and it washed off like conventional cosmetics with makeup remover or plain soap.
There is a more complex method of preparation of make-up, which is suitable for filming. But this makeup is more uniform, does not melt under heat.
For making cinematic makeup you will need mineral oil or the lamp, you can get it in the Church shop) and all the same design or watercolor paint. The cooking process is the same – RUB the paint with butter until a homogeneous mass. This makeup is more liquid than cooked in fat, but they can draw finer lines that dribble in the wrinkles on the face, but apply it very difficult.
Any makeup you need to know how to apply, or facial swelling can not be avoided. First, apply on the face light cream (earlier for these purposes used the vaseline, but it additionally weights the makeup and prevents the skin to breathe), it matched the color of the skin tone cream. Makeup apply with a brush or your finger. Avoid glitter makeup lightly powdered. Instead of powder you can use talcum powder or regular baby powder. It costs a penny, but the effect is the same.