You will need
  • Buy paint in any thematic store for holiday, paint is hypoallergenic and wash off well with warm water and soap. You will also need brushes of different sizes, sponges and sponges for makeup. Choose quality tools, with a soft texture.
To start, try simple drawings to give vent to their imagination. Practice to draw simple patterns, a rainbow, sun, flowers, butterfly, Indian, clown or pirate on paper. It would be better if you prepare a sketch, or even a stencil made of soft, durable paper.
Prepare the workplace in order have everything at hand. Lay the rubber sheet, arrange the prepared paint, brushes, jar of water, tissues, in General, everything that you may need.
Discuss with the child that he wanted to see on his face, a small pattern or a full make-up cartoon hero.
Cover child to avoid getting paint on your clothes, with the same purpose to be dressed in advance, so as not to stain everything around it.
Draw leopard:

Apply white paint to the area between the nose and upper lip, and upper eyelid and the chin.
Then sponge paint over the remaining part of the face with yellow paint. Allow paint to dry.
The final stage makeup – the application of black paint. Take a brush of medium thickness, and draw the cheeks, nose, eyebrows, whiskers, spots and lips.