Purulent tonsillitis develops as a result of vital activity of the same bacteria as regular. The reason for it, as a rule, are streptococci and staphylococci. They are airborne, due to what sore throat is a very contagious disease.

Purulent tonsillitis is characterized not only by pain and redness in the throat, fever, headache and chills, but also a plaque on the tonsils and mucosa of the nasopharynx. This plaque can be easily seen by visual inspection.
Want to determine if you have purulent tonsillitis, stand up to the mirror to light. If lighting is not enough, take the extra flashlight. Widely open the mouth and carefully inspect the cavity of the nasopharynx.

Ways of infection purulent tonsillitis

Infected purulent tonsillitis quite easily. There are several options you can pick up an acute purulent tonsillitis. First and foremost is, of course, contact with a sick person. When sneezing or coughing the bacteria are spread around, enough only to breathe, to get yourself a sore throat. Therefore, the risk group most often are those who are often in closed groups of colleagues at work and children in kindergarten or school. The child can easily get infected from parents, because his immune system is still forming.
You can also become infected and sick from the things. Because they can touch hands that touched the mouth to sneeze and cough, that bacteria will spread and it will settle on things.

One of the causes of infection strep throat may become a regular hypothermia. It leads to decrease in immunity, and not enough on the background just to be close to the bacteria to get sick.

If a person breathes only through the mouth, it is at risk. Because the air in this situation is not desired degrees of purification, bringing into the nasopharynx of the infected.

What to do to not get sick

To protect yourself and eliminate the possibility of infection sore throat, you need to pay great attention to the prevention. Accordingly, try not to communicate with the sick person and don't take his stuff, even if you really need. If it so happened that a sick loved one, it must be isolated in a separate room to provide him the individual Cutlery and hygiene. Going to his room, wear a medical mask and handle the nose oxolinic ointment.
Alternatively, it is possible to make aromamedalony, in which I included oil of eucalyptus, pine and juniper. It is proven that these fragrances great fight with tonsillitis.

Try to keep in the room where the patient has optimal parameters: temperature 22oC, humidity 70% and fresh air.

To prevent sickness, strengthen your immune system: eat right, add physical exercise, get enough sleep and be in a good mood.