Most often, tonsillitis is transmitted from somebody who's already sick of it, airborne. Usually the causative agent in this case strep. It penetrates into the throat, when a healthy person is next with coughing or sneezing, is one sick kitchenware, linen, towel. If your immune system is down, infection is guaranteed.
But sometimes it is not necessary to have contact with a carrier of the sore throat, enough to eat poorly washed vegetables or fruits, the surface of which a subtle Streptococcus.
Sometimes a sore throat can be obtained, and together with another carrier of the staph. He often "lives" in my own way unsterilized milk and sour cream. Therefore, using such products and not subjecting them to a heat treatment, you run the risk of getting sick. So boil the fresh milk and cream buy only in markets where there is strict sanitary control. Otherwise, you are not immune from this unpleasant disease.
Angina occurs sometimes due to autoinfection. That is reason it becomes microflora, which is in your body. The fact that streptococci and staphylococci in small numbers have on the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract of almost everyone. As a rule, they do no harm and peacefully co-exist with humans. But if the immune system to weaken, to respond to any adverse factor – hypothermia, stress, fatigue, viral infection, temperature changes. Hence the speculation that angina occurs if drinking in the cold cold water or stand in the draft. In fact, it was only a predisposing disease factors. Reason harmful microorganisms.