To deprivatise home, you need to create the axe. Will suit absolutely every tool: wood, stone or even gold.
To call the menu of the axe, open the chat Minecraft game by pressing T and type the command /wand.
Select axe first point of the region, which is home. To do this, click the left mouse button. The opposite corner mark on top right-click. In Cuba, which was the result of these operations, must be completely your house.
After allocation of points in the chat should appear inscriptions, including coordinates and the number of blocks of private.
To deprivatise house in Minecraft, you need to enter the command /region claim and to give the region's private name. If you saw the word region saved as (your title), then Privat implemented correctly.
To find out who owns the "net" zapryazhennoy territory and the house on it, you have to press right-mouse button (as in new versions of the game, it should be done with a stick in his hand). To find out the name of your region, use the command: /rg list.
If you want to edit the area of private home, take the axe and make the appropriate adjustments.
Surely you like to play Minecraft with friends. Let them use your zapryazhennye house by typing the command /region addowner(/region removeowner) and making their names in the list of owners.
Now you know how privatethe house in Minecraft. Loading the game next time, be sure to protect your property from attacks of enemies.