The solution is much simpler than it seems at first glance. You can send MMS from your iPhone in three different ways.
The first option
Open the menu item "Messages" and tap in the top right corner of the screen for an icon showing a pencil and sheet of paper. Menu opens the create a new message.
Here you can write and send an SMS and sending a multimedia message (MMS). It should be noted that if other phones allow you to send MMS in addition to images and even audio and video files, then using your iPhone you can send MMS only photos and saved pictures.
To transform an ordinary message, MMS, press the icon of camera to the left of the input fields of the message text. If you wish to send is already in the phone image, click "Choose existing". And if you need to photograph something, then send, click the "take snapshot".
Adding a picture, specify the destination by clicking the icon with the " + " sign. Enter the subject and message text if necessary, and then click the "Send" button to send MMS.
The second option
Go to gallery, open the menu "Photo" section. Select a photo or picture from the album and click in the lower left corner of the screen icon with a downward arrow. Select the menu item "Send via MMS".
The image will be attached to the message and before you open the menu, create a greeting where you will need to add recipient and enter text and subject. By clicking "Submit" you will send the message.
A third option
Select in the menu "Camera". Take a picture and click in the lower left corner on the thumbnail of the received picture. Photos will be maximized, and the bottom icon will appear with an arrow, clicking on which you will be able ready the to send via MMS you are already familiar way.