If you have no need to use a specific region that was previously suprefact you (for example, you leave these places, in order to settle elsewhere, in another part of the playing space), you need not worry that this will bring some inconvenience to those gamers who decide to take it. Individual options WorldGuard allows you to set private and to remove it, and in the latter case, everything will be even easier to implement.
Select the specific order depending on what you sapevatelo. If you have thus announced their any specific item (chest, door, etc.), you will only one simple command. Type /cremove and then click zapryazhennuyu object with the left mouse button and he will be free from the protection of WorldGuard. Note that to remove such actions Privat someone else's property, you can not.
If you wish reprivatise territory, make it some other way than the above. Enter into chat /region remove, and after a space indicate the name of your region, invented earlier, even when it is locked behind him. This command not only removes from the private area of gaming space, which previously was listed in your property, but your name as the owner. If the above command fails, try another - /region delete and also through a space, enter the name of the region.
In a situation when you have forgotten the name previously given to you zapryazhennoy site, first find out. Pick from your inventory on the rope or craft it on the workbench. To do this, set in the Central slot unit of green slime and left, on her, and in the upper left and lower right corners - four threads. So you get two ropes. One of them grab hand and right click on your site that you wish to remove private. Will appear with his name. If you don't want to mess with the ropes, you can replace the steps above to enter in chat /rg list.
If you have decided to leave the region behind, but the specific of its residents want to revoke the right to use this site, then you will also help some teams. In the case where a player was given the privileges of a normal user your piece of the playing space, write in chat /rg removemember, and then through the spaces, specify the name of the region and the nickname of the gamer. In a situation with one of the owners of the region act in a similar way, but removemember replace removeowner.