The reasons for the increase of the uterus

The normal length of the uterus in women of reproductive age is eight inches, the weight of the uterus parous – about 80 grams in nulliparous – 50 grams.

The most common reason for the increase of the uterus is pregnancy. This is a normal process and in this case experience is not necessary. Threat of the increase of the female body is a myoma – a benign tumor, which can be formed inside, outside or on the walls of the uterus. Also, this phenomenon can cause ovarian cyst – formation in the tissues of the ovary filled with fluid.

The uterus is increased in women affected by adenomyosis – a condition in which the endometrium grows into the muscle of the uterus. For cancer of the uterus, the tumor often arises in the endometrium of the female organ. This provokes an increase of its size. The initiator of increase of the uterus could be a molar pregnancy is rare pathology, accompanied by rapid growth of abnormal tissues of the fetus.

Before menopause and unbalanced hormones the uterus can also become more.

Symptoms of the increase of the uterus

The symptoms of an enlarged uterus are usually the menstrual cycle, headaches, pain in lower abdomen, anaemia, flatulence, weight gain, urinary incontinence or fertility problems women.

How to treat enlarged uterus

Prior to treatment, the physician must identify the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon, and diagnosis. The method of treatment will depend on diagnosis, it can be:

- medical treatment;
hormonal therapy;
- surgical intervention (partial or total removal of the uterus).

If the reason for the increase of the uterus was a fibroid, or the fibroid, a woman may complain of pain in the back or lower abdomen, bloating, irregular menstruation or urinary incontinence. She may even feel the uterus puts pressure on adjacent organs.

To treat fibroids can non-surgical or surgical method. Surgical methods include hysterectomy (a surgery in which the uterus is amputated) or myomectomy (removal of muscular wall of the uterus benign tumor). Non-surgical methods of medication or fibroids embolization (blockage of blood vessels specially introduced by emboli).

At an early stage the uterus can be returned to their former size, most importantly - do not ignore the symptoms that indicate its increase.