Alder color: how to combine in the interior

Alder color is a basic color, suitable for creating practical and pleasing to the eye interior. This light brown shade is warm, soft and some sunshine. Most often the color of the alder is used for furniture and interior doors.
Light brown alder has a Sunny yellow undertone. This shade is almost universal and is perfect for the nursery, kitchen, hallway or bedroom. Less frequently it is used in the design of the living room.

Soft alder color blends perfectly with intense, juicy colors. Bright shades such as red, blue, green will allow you to create spectacular and original interior. Particularly interesting active color look as complementary.

Affordable shade of alder perfect "neighbor" would be unusual, complex tones. For example, pistachio, salmon, sky blue, pastel pink, peach etc. Through tenderness and some dullness of the data colors, the interior will get a calm and relaxing mood.

Alder color also looks nice on the background of chocolate brown and milky tones. In the first case, the room will contrast, in the second – harmonic and neutral. The perfect combination gives the color of alder with a gray-blue and clear grey shades. This combination of warm and cold tones is daring and impressive.

Designers do not recommend to combine alder color with pure black or white. This combination will turn out too sharp, not very suitable for a comfortable life. Beautiful contrast you will help to create graphite, dark purple and dark brown tones. Instead of white, use pastel pink, ivory or champagne.

Examples of harmonious combinations

Most often the color of the alder can be found in the kitchen. Headset this shade is very popular due to its practicality. Choosing a harmonious color scheme the rest of the room, lean on your taste preferences.

For example, if you want to create a soft, quiet interior, select dairy and pastel shades. For the contrast of the room will suit you chocolate, dark green, purple. In any case, do not forget about bright accents: jars, dishes, decorative items.
Furniture color of the alder is not a very demanding environment. It is easy to fit in both dark and light interior. Important note: it is intended more to create a practical and universal, and not the design of the room.

Furniture color alder is a great choice for a child's room. Base color is easy to complement all shades of pink and blue or other colors. To interesting interior will help you mellow tints. For example, will look great bedspreads and pillows, made in the technique of patchwork or multi-colored curtains. Children's work is very original, practical and comfortable.