Headset choosing a color, consider the overall style and level of illumination of the kitchen. If natural light is sufficient, it is recommended to use dark colours, and in the opposite case, the well will look light headset is additionally equipped with built-in lighting.
If your kitchen is designed in classic style, please note the furniture is made of wood. Natural tones will blend in well with the overall interior design. Along with such colors should be chosen when the design of the kitchen in country style. For rooms in modern style and hi-tech the most optimal options will be white headset that will give lightness, airiness and smooth out the corners.
Rely on some design rules that apply to any interior. For example, to the dark shade of the walls will need to choose a bright color scheme of the furniture and Vice versa. For small spaces use light colors, they will help to visually enlarge the space. In addition, for small kitchens it is not necessary to choose bright and flashy colors, as they will have a negative impact on vision. To make a large room more intimate, prefer warm tones.
In areas of medium size with good lighting use these shades of yellow, like a Sunny gloss and red copper. If you like red color, it is preferable to select the soft and calm shades, such as coral, cherry or tomato. A nice soothing effect has purple, and warm shades of green can lift your mood and improve your appetite. Blue tones look best in Sunny rooms. Headset the mahogany color look very sophisticated and go well with metal and glass profiles. Black color is rarely used and will look very dark, if not "dilute" it with other shades.
To create more winning and attractive interior, pick the headset, made in several colors. The most successful combination of white color with peach and blue undertones. Purple colors combine with olive and ochre. Green and yellow color in the kitchen creates an atmosphere of cheerfulness, and pistachio with beige will look very fresh.