You will need
  • - plan meals.
Before going to the furniture store or consultation with the seller need to prepare and define their requirements. Draw a plan of the kitchen. Note the location of Windows, doors, window sills and baseboards, as well as outlets, pipes, radiators and taps. Calculate the average number of relatives, friends and acquaintances that are in your party. Determine how often and how long you cook, and what operations are performed in the kitchen: storage, sink products, heat treatment, plating. Also important is the growth of the person who will prepare, cooking methods, suggestions of the chef. Make a list of the equipment that will be placed in the kitchen.
Define the purpose of your meals, this also depends on the choice of kitchen units. For example, you want to arrange a place for gatherings with friends and evening feasts. Or your goal is to create the area's talented chef will prepare delicious dishes of different cuisines of the world. All these requirements make a note and take it with you to the furniture showroom.
Also, consider what style and color will be decorated the kitchen what material is made. Traditionally used in the classic style, but you can choose from a variety of options, considering the interior design of apartments and private tastes. Remember that dark kitchen visually reduces the area of the kitchen. Also no need to buy furniture of bright, contrasting colors, as they quickly begin to irritate.
Plan kitchen, your requirements and wishes to give consideration to the seller-the consultant who will select the appropriate model and configuration. Among them, select your favorite options and check their quality. Pull out the drawers – they should work smoothly and quietly, and can withstand a lot of weight and have telescopic mechanisms with 100% extension. Check that the fronts close silently. Look at the ends of the countertops corner kitchen – they should be connected by the method of "Eurosuper" without the use of metal straps. Take a look at the bottom of the module under the sink in the kitchen is good headsets it set a tray out of aluminum to protect against leaks.
Inspect the suspension mechanisms of the upper cabinets, they should be mounted on a single bracket and to level irregularities of the walls. Moisture proof and durable kitchen differs in that the rear end of the body is trimmed with a technical edge, and the front plastic. The internal shelves are fixed in height, having at least three positions. Make sure that the rear walls of the modules were the same color as the frame.
Find out from the seller what the frame of a kitchen: wood stronger and more durable. Also ask about the thickness of chipboard, you should choose the enclosure 18 mm, which are the hallmark of quality production. Check the material of the facade, in the kitchen of art Nouveau doors can be covered with PVC, melamine or plastic. Melamine is the least durable. If the facades are made of solid wood, ask about the Central part (framed). Sometimes it is a particle Board covered with natural wood veneer.
Check the hardware – hinges, handles, pallets, trays, grids. Find out about additional ergonomic accessories: some cuisine are equipped with different "carousel", "magic corners", loops-crabs and pull-out baskets, which can be very convenient.