Assessment of the severity of the disease

A few hours later after eaten the product, which has become the culprit of ailments, there is a sharp pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sometimes fever, dizziness. Before you decide whether to continue breast-feeding in cases of poisoning, to evaluate the severity of the condition. Because the treated at home the disease is acceptable only if it occurs in mild form.

Danger signs requiring immediate treatment: symptoms persist more than a day; dramatically decreased blood pressure, frequent pulse, difficult breathing; seizures or severe muscle weakness, inability to swallow, speech disorder; there is a suspicion that intoxication caused by consumption of poisonous mushrooms.

Body cleansing

If you decide to treat poisoning yourself, the first thing you need to wash out the stomach. To do this, drink a liter of weak solution of potassium permanganate or boiled water in large SIPS, and then click on the root of the tongue to induce vomiting. Repeat the procedure, preferably before the moment when the water in the output will not be quite clean.

If no symptoms of diarrhoea, it is necessary to clean the bowel using enemas to keep the infection from spreading throughout the body and reaches the baby through the milk. Of drugs during lactation can you take activated carbon, "Smectite", "Enterosgel" and other sorbents.

Continued feeding of the baby

Most experts agree that feeding breast milk in cases of poisoning may even need to continue. Because it contains immunoglobulins and specific antibodies that protect the baby from disease. And the risk of infection for the baby is virtually nonexistent, it is only necessary to carefully observe the rules of hygiene.

While there is a struggle with symptoms of poisoning, can slightly increase the time between feedings. It is very important the nursing mother to make up the loss of fluids extra fluids. Benefit herbal infusions of calendula, chamomile, the pharmacy saline ("Gidrovit", "Rehydron", and others), mineral water. Need to drink often but in small quantities, to again began vomiting. Per day should drink at least two liters of fluid.

As the final stage of treatment can be used medicines that help to restore the normal microflora in the gut, for example, "Linex", "hilak", "Bifidumbacterin".