Male names from ancient times, however, as women, were magical in nature. A male heir, the hope and pillar of the family, its protector and breadwinner. The correct choice of the name influences his character, the success and even the fate, serves as a kind of talisman, a gift from my parents, throughout life. There are even scientific papers on how to choose a boy's name, carried out statistical surveys and studies, as often called boys. But its mark on the choice of name is applied a fashion epidemic, and many parents prefer the most popular at the moment options.

The most popular names for boys

The most popular male name in recent years, according to the Registrar, registering newborns, was the name Matthew, this is often referred to as boys. Child psychologists say that this name contributes to the manifestation of such traits as perseverance, honesty, and complaisance, that is, the absence of vagaries.

Second place in the ranking Artem. Men with the same name, as a rule, sociable, and achieve success in career growth, sociable and hardworking.

Third place in popularity among boys ' names is Maxim – a great dreamer and Joker, soul of the company with unmatched organizational skills.

In fourth place – Arseniy. Boys with this name only in appearance seem relaxed and undemanding, in fact, they are very stubborn and always get what I want, but they are usually not aggressive and naughty.

Fifth place was occupied by Dmitry. They are stubborn, self-willed, but very sociable and easy to digest even the most complex of science, is unusually popular with the girls and attached to their parents.

How to choose a name for the boy

To rely on how often called newborn boys friends, neighbors, or friends, of course, impossible. First of all, you need to understand whether or not the name is consonant with the first name and last name. Ridiculous and difficult to pronounce combination will bring discomfort in the first place, their owner, school age can become the subject of ridicule, which contributes to the development of shyness, self-doubt, isolation, and even the overly aggressive child.

In addition, it is proved in practice that the name match the Church calendar brings luck and success. Therefore, when choosing a name for a newborn, you should pay attention to this option.

Many are trying to choose a name for your child in accordance with the rules of numerology and astrology, this method of selection, worthy of attention. These Sciences have ceased to be chimeric and have a lot of evidence is its consistency.

But most importantly, what you still need to rely on is common sense. You should say the name you have chosen, to consider all its endearing and strict options, consonance, surname and patronymic. In addition, it is important to understand that sooner or later the boy would become Pope, and his children will carry the surname, corresponding to his name, and it must be easy to pronounce, and euphonic.