To your name register the IP, you will need to prepare for tax authorities in several documents of a certain type.

Documents for IE

To assign to a natural person individual entrepreneur need only 4 of the document (and in some cases even 3: the statement on registration of the person as an individual entrepreneur in the form Р21001, the application about the transition to USN (simplified tax system), the receipt for state fee payment and a passport copy.

The application for the registration of individuals as entrepreneurs. It consists of four sheets, forms to be filled can be downloaded from the Internet. On the first two pages contain the personal information of individuals (name, address, registration, passport data, etc.). The third sheet should contain information about the kind of activities of the future entrepreneur. It is written in code form in accordance with the national classification of economic activities.

The last form is a confirmation of the reliability of the specified information and the petition for registration.

Receipt for payment of registration fee. It can be found online in electronic form and easy to fill with the pattern. All the necessary details stated on the website of the FTS in a special section devoted to the state registration.

The statement about the transition to the USN. Such a document will allow the owner to pay less tax than under the standard system. The simplified scheme is typical for small or medium businesses.

This statement is prepared in the amount of two pieces. To submit it at registration is optional, this can be done within 30 days from the date of assignment of the status of the entrepreneur. But it is better to do it immediately to avoid further paperwork and extra trips on to public authorities.

Copy of passport – the final document needed to begin the process of consideration of applications on registration of the person in the role of entrepreneur. As a rule, it is enough to provide two major turn – of personal data and information about registration. But sometimes you can ask for copies of all pages containing any information.

Where to register SP

After you have gathered all of the above documents, they should be attributed to the tax office, located at the place of registration of the physical person wishing to become an entrepreneur. Along the way, you should go to any branch of the savings Bank and pay the stamp duty. This Bank is listed for a reason – other organizations, such payments are simply not accepted.

A week after the successful reception of documents will need to re-visit the IRS to collect the certificate of registration.