Before to carry out business activities, contact tax office to obtain a registration number. To do this you have to complete and collect documents. The main document of every entrepreneur – the passport. For registration you need a residence permit, as it is based on this information will be determined or that the tax Inspectorate. To register, you should make copies of all sheets of the document, even those that are empty. Copies must be clear. All the leaves are staple in order.You will also need an application for the registration of physical persons as individual entrepreneurs, Russian legislation, we have developed a unified form Р21001. To form can in the inspection or downloading on the website of the FTS. Form consists of several pages. Before you complete the application, you must choose the type of economic activities, in the form of taxation. Complete the application, sign it is not necessary – do it in the presence of a notary, who will then certify the authenticity of your signature. After that you have to pay the state fee for registration of entrepreneurs, the size you can find in any tax inspection or in the branch of Sberbank. For details, contact FTS. Keep the receipt, because you need to provide the package of documents. After that, all documents gather together and bring to the tax office. The court officer will check the correctness of filling forms, after which will issue a receipt of acceptance documentation. After a few days you will be rated egrip and issued a certificate. In that case, if you are not able to get his hands on, then you can send it by mail. This will notify the employee about it.