Opening a new business always begins with registration. To do this, the PI must provide the tax registration application (form Р21001), receipt on payment of state duty in the amount of 800 p., and photocopies of the passport and INN. If the PI intends to work on USN, it should also submit all documents the notification on transition to the simplified tax system.
After the registration procedure is completed, the PI must get the certificate of registration of entrepreneurs (OGRN), and also an extract from egrip. The latter document contains the basic registration data of IP - data on statement on the account in tax and the FIU, as well as data about economic activities. Often, potential customers are asked to provide egrip to check future partner. Having OGRN can lawfully begin to engage in entrepreneurial activities.
When opening a Bank account, the Bank may request the PI registration documents, a letter about the codes of Rosstat statistics, licenses (if any), as well as the lease. Each Bank can submit their claims to provide entrepreneurs with data. The package of documents at registration of the press in General is similar.
In the process, the PI should always be at hand documents that may be required when conducting inspections. This INN, OGRN, an extract from egrip. If the entrepreneur works for the USN this list includes KUDER, as well as the registration documents for cash register (upon receipt of cash from the public). When the imputed income of an entrepreneur should be a certificate of registration of UTII, as well as documents, which confirm the correctness of the account of physical indicators (this may be a lease or employment records).
If the SP draws employees, it needs to have the entire package of personnel documents, and also register with the FIU and the FSS as an employer. In case of inspection the Labour Inspectorate or other Supervisory authority may request the labor contract with employees and their personal cards, staffing, timesheet time tracking, vacation schedule, etc.