You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of VAT;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - a completed statement of sole proprietorship;
  • - reference NACE codes;
  • - notary services;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
First and foremost, you need to fill out an application on registration as individual entrepreneur. In many regions, it can take form in the tax office, but in some subjects of the Russian Federation, in particular, Moscow is more problematic and actually find this document on the Internet, download and fill in on the computer.
Filling in the application, despite its large volume, the complexity is not. The required data are entered on the basis of the document proving your identity, and the INN certificate.The sections not related to you, just do not need to fill. For example, adult Russian not to write anything in the boxes reserved for the foreigner's passport, confirmation of legality of residence in the Russian Federation and documents about legal capacity of minors.You should not write anything to the sections are intended for filling by a notary and the employees of the tax.
The statement must specify the number of tax inspections to which it is addressed. In some regions, a sole proprietorship engaged in territorial tax inspections, in others private registered. If you do not know the situation at home, use the website of the FTS of Russia. On the main page there is a link to the service "Spot on". The search is performed at registration.If you see a separate registered office, to contact you should there. Otherwise - whichever are registered as a taxpayer.
Special attention deserves the section on codes NACE. There should be no less than one there is no maximum limit. If not enough space, you need to copy in the right amount allotted under the page.
The first point is the one that will have you as primary, then - other in a random order.Reference codes can be found on the Internet, it is better to use proven resources, for example, reference legal system "Consultant", "Garant", which is always available for the latest information.If you do not find code that is strictly relevant to the intended activity, write closest in meaning.
Do not rush to sign the completed and printed application. Better do it in the presence of a notary (his visa on the document required).Staple the leaves to the statements on the reverse side in the place of the bond of glue the paper with the date, number of leaves and signature.
Pay the state duty through Sberbank. To generate a receipt you can use the service on registration of payment orders on the website of the FTS of Russia.Search tax inspection is carried out at your registration. Therefore, if your territorial Inspectorate does not check IP, once registered, enter the number and specify that you want its details, when the relevant request from the site.
Prepared the documents relate to the tax and in five days will receive a certificate of state registration and an extract from egrip.