Most likely, picking up a soft toy, feeling it, having considered all the smallest details, looking into her eyes and close to your heart, you experience not only the pleasant sensations and feelings for her, but in the head born of the Association. Who toy is similar? What comes to mind when you take it in hands? For example, if the toy is associated with maternal warmth, affection, kindness, tenderness, lovely names for her will serve – Dobraca, Baby, Boo, Weasel, Lucky (Lucky), gentle, a Sweetheart, etc.
If the toy you gave a young man (the most common gift among couples), then give it a name the same as your partner calls you in moments of admiration and admiring you. Perhaps you have a diminutive pet name or affectionate nickname by which you are called in the family circle. Example: Hutch, Dove, Squishy, Donut, etc. So you can immortalize your favorite nickname or affectionate name of the young man.
Refer to image soft toys. What she looks like? Perhaps it represents the animal – bear, Hippo, rabbit, dog. Maybe it was a doll, a tin soldier or a miniature model of the tank, made in the form of a pillow. A favorite toy can serve any thing, the main thing – that she brought you joy. And call it simply, for example, a Teddy bear, Hedgehog, rabbit Scythe, Tiger, Doggy Ball, etc.
Name the soft toy in honor of the heroes of your favorite cartoons. The names we remember from childhood, is associated with joy, carelessness, freedom and innocence. So let your favorite stuffed toy will remind you of bygone carefree times, returning your thoughts to your childhood. Perhaps you have favorite characters in the cartoon "Winnie the Pooh", "Prostokvashino", "the Bremen town musicians", etc.
In any case, how could you have not named a soft toy, follow your intuition and call the wishes of your heart.