The first problem many have when trying to Express their feelings on paper – how to start a letter? Begin by calling the man she loved. The process will go easier. For example: "Dear Joe, I never wrote to you about my feelings..." Is the beginning of the letter immediately to understand what was going on. If you care about the man, the future line it will be read carefully, slowly savoring every word.
Do not think that the letter will creep error or incorrect wording. Try to write from the heart, to Express all that you feel. Carefully select and think about the words to the Epistle is exquisite, and the phrase deposited in the memory addressed. But don't overdo it: too beautiful words and flowery momentum will create an impression of insincerity and affectedness. Simplicity, sincerity and affection in this case will be much more appropriate.
Write about what you think about that guy, the most valuable qualities of her lover, about how you value existing between you relationship. Write about how you were born in your soul feelings you are now experiencing. Tell us about your wishes regarding your future relationship.
If you're unfamiliar guy, don't be too blunt, telling about your attitude. It is unknown whether the man at least some mutual feelings, at least some sympathy. So – it is unknown what reaction will cause your recognition. Quite possibly, he will laugh at you. Then you will be infinitely sorry that you trusted him with everything.
Do not write in the address nothing negative. For example, about how you feel bad without your loved one. Such words in the answer will only cause pity, not a desire to reciprocate. Don't threaten him that you will not be able to live without him. This will only repel people, will make him by all means to avoid meeting with you to casual a word to provoke you to something stupid.
Don't forget about the design of the letter – this will serve you well. Do not write on a random piece of paper or torn from a notebook, take high-quality expensive paper. Write smooth and neat handwriting to her lover, it was easier to read and understand the meaning of written. Or write the first draft, then reread and rewrite beautiful handwriting. This will save you from corrections and erasures, and will also allow you to make desired changes in the final version. And, of course, choose the most beautiful, in your opinion, is the envelope.