Wishing good night to his friend, you can show yourself a connoisseur of foreign languages. For this you need only to find in the Internet the dictionary of foreign words and translate the phrase "good night" on the interested language. Thus it is necessary to consider features of the language. You can't always do a literal translation. Often in different languages use idioms.

Thus, to say good night in English you can, saying good night in German - gute nach, Spanish - buenas noches", in French " bonne nuit or fais de beaux reves, Czech, dobrou noc, etc.

You can also, not going into the wilds, to say good night at some local dialect are either well known to you from the national language. For example, in the Bashkir language it will sound "haerle Yoko" or "Yoko Tynys".

Word game

If you decide to simply replace the phrase "good night" to another, close to him in value, you may wish, for example sweet dreams or Goodnight. Can also wish fluffy clouds swept into the mysterious world of dreams and sweet dreams.

Poetic wish good night

Much more interesting would be if you say Goodnight, in verse or in song. Moreover, the contents of such requests depends on the personality of the person you are addressing.

So, if a girl friend or a lonely woman came to visit and stayed the night, then you can use it before bed to wish: "In a new place / Dreamed by the bridegroom to the bride. In Russia it was believed that if so to say, the dream of a prophetic dream, in which are betrothed to the sleeping girl.

Putting your baby to sleep, you can sometimes dispense with the phrase "good night", replacing her well-known little Russian viewers lullabies "go to Sleep my darling, go to sleep..." or "Sleeping tired toys, books sleep..." In children's literature and in folklore you will find many other lullabies, which contain a good night.

His girlfriend before going to bed to transmit a beautiful postcard with a poetic wish. As an example we can cite the following stanza: "Sweet dreams I wish! / And secretly hope, That meeting you in this region / the Blessed and heavenly flowers!" You can also quote individual lines of the corresponding subject from the poetic works of the great poets.