You will need
  • - power tools (metal saw, drill, hammer);
  • - plasterboard;
  • - foam;
  • - metal profile;
  • - door frames, doors;
  • glue, Wallpaper.
The most time-consuming and costly method of isolation of the room - remodeling. In this case, the old doorway gets blocked with closed boards or thick cardboard, put additional partition forming a corridor, and in the interior wall porubitsya a new hole for the door. The downsides of this method enough. First, if the wall where a new doorway, carrying on its improvement need to obtain permission from the housing Inspectorate. Second, because of the corridor that opens access into the next room, reduces the area of the former checkpoint. And thirdly - Board and cardboard do not create sufficient sound insulation. But all these issues can be solved, if you want to once and for all get rid of walk-through rooms, getting isolated.
Additional partition forming a corridor can be made of metal, lined with plasterboard. In this case, measure the height and width of the new walls and purchase metal profile so that the horizontal slats were every 50-60 centimeters, and the vertical through 100-110 cm. To room wall mount design with dowels, and each profile is sufficient to pull the screws. Building a frame and panel it with drywall. Then pokleit Wallpaper. For extra insulation you can mount two layers of drywall, placing the foam between them with a width of 40-50 cm.
In another embodiment of the layout of the apartment the construction of the corridor due to the entrance of the room is not required. In this case, it is sufficient to close up the old doorway and cut a new in the wall that borders with the existing corridor. If there is no possibility of capital to plug the wall in place of the old door, simply block up her wardrobes. They will provide additional insulation.