What does the term "apathy"?

Apathy, which translated from Greek means "dispassion, indifference, originally meant freedom from the passions, and abstract philosophy. In the modern sense apathy is not the natural human condition, which can become a serious psychological problem, and sometimes to indicate mental illness - depression, schizophrenia. People would be removed from reality, become indifferent, no longer emotionally react to the surrounding events, to participate in life, willpower is absent or expressed very weakly.

Why is there apathy?

Apathy may occur as a backlash to the strong emotional turmoil and anxiety. Insensitivity in this case plays the role of the anesthesia. Indifference occurs in some people, also as a result of acute unsolvable problems - personal, financial, social. On this condition say "hands down".

If a person gets into a no-win situation - apathy arises from impotence. But that apathy often saves a person the mind in a situation when you really "go crazy" from the consequences of a deadlock. People just abstrahierte relation to the consequences, stops to assess the damage that these effects can bring into his life.

Another kind of apathy - is a reaction to loss (e.g., loved ones, a successful business), on the tragedy of life, which is why many psychologists say that such apathy - "unfinished grief," when a person does not have a good cry, not authorial, and frozen in frozen feelings. In any case, apathy is a reaction to the excess of pain threshold, prolonged emotional shock.

The signs of apathy

Signs of apathy are varied. Drooping corners of her mouth, a dim view, the habit of looking past the source. Many, like "hibernate". Anyone becomes invincible laziness, such people say that people "have given up". He has no desires, no emotions. He had no strength to solve problems. People under the influence of apathy often neglected normal food, hygiene, he may be dirty in the apartment. In more severe cases, apathy makes a person to be eliminated from contact, separates, "fall out" of society. He loses interest in what I used: hobby, art, work, personal life, children - all may be outside of his attention and interest.

How to deal with apathy?

In apathy a person is experiencing energy deficit. It is not necessary to make over itself effort and to force myself to move, to solve problems, to do something that no forces. It is better to switch to something else. Think about their Hobbies, read books. Not to force the issue. If not to disturb the apathy will pass. The main thing - to reproach himself for inaction, and to remember that apathy is the time that is allocated for relaxing the body and nervous system. Not worth wasting valuable energy on creating the appearance that you have everything in order. Otherwise you run the risk of losing power and not be able to recover quite a long time.

Needed to near you had reliable people who will provide you with quiet, comfortable surroundings. Take a tub bath, walk in beautiful places, listen to good music. Relax! Unplug the phone, save yourself from having to communicate with people that remind you of your problems or sympathize with. Best of all - a change of scenery, take a vacation, surround yourself with strangers. Apathy will pass. But if it deepens - do not be ashamed of this disease, consult a professional psychologist.

Turn the page of my life

Sometimes circumstances are added to the node unsolvable problems. No need to despair. There are no hopeless situations. In the worst case, you can lose what is not possible to save (business, relationships, or something else). To change the point of view on this is difficult, but possible. To come to terms with the fact that you can't influence the situation, can help to the faith in God in a "higher power" that knows better what needs to happen in your life.

In such cases it is better to step back from the critical situation to take on the role of an observer and to remain calm, even seeing that the fall important things for you. Destruction - the beginning of a new creation. And life changes do not mean that life is over. Watch this "movie" to the end and say goodbye to problems, leaving them in the past. This is similar to how you turn the page in the book is there, much more interesting! Just please understand that life has changed, a phase of life came to an end, and before you open new opportunities. Letting into my life "wind of change", you are letting new energy that will give you strength for a new period of life.