Fatigue and stress

Very often complain about lazy people who can't relax. When they offer to perform your day, these people are surprised to discover that among the cases and concerns they forget to allocate time for rest. The body's need for rest, they are mistaken for lazy, and instead allow yourself to relax, suffer from feelings of guilt and futility.

To avoid burnout, it is necessary to accustom ourselves to the fact that any job that requires a break. Of course, it is believed that the best rest is change of activity, but this rule works not always. Work with the computer better alternate not washing floors, and with exercises for the eyes, a warm-up and a Cup of tea by the window. And if you vacation usually takes place in the country, let them work in the garden is replaced by walks in the woods and seeing beautiful scenery.


Another common problem is procrastination. Than it differs from laziness? Speaking in plain language, laziness is a reluctance to do anything. The same procrastination is constantly postponing important work under various pretexts. One example is the well-known situation where the husband does not have a whole year to hang a shelf because he doesn't have time for this, and the wife still can not get to the gym due to the fact that once. The reason for this is not laziness, but fear of criticism, of condemnation, of failure. Most often this is due to the fact that the person lacks motivation and confidence.

To overcome this condition, it is necessary to perform the tasks. To prepare for the session so much easier when the student is personally interested in the quality of their knowledge, and not doing it out of fear of parents and teachers. And when doing other people's requests it's best to think about the joy and gratitude that will feel close.

How to fight laziness

When a task seems too energy-consuming and difficult, it is hard to find the strength to begin its implementation. It is much easier to make the first move, if you break the big job into parts and take breaks when they are executed. For example, making a pause of 15 minutes at the end of each hour of work, it is possible to maintain performance and enthusiasm until the end of the day.