The General concept

The notion of retouching comes from the word redactus that is consonant with the Russian "edit". From this it follows that retouching is editing a photo to improve its quality. Quality refers to the correct exposure and contrast, selection of color tone, improvement in sharpness and many other parameters. Often subjected to retouching old photos: professional programs such as Photoshop, allow you to get rid of the fading and poor quality in General.

Technical retouching

The technical aspect of photo editing involves quite a large list of parameters that need to perfect to get a quality picture.

A very important point of retouching is exposure (light distribution). Sometimes setting a single exposure for alignment of the shadows is not enough, and you have to lighten or darken parts of the photograph. It is also important to adjust the contrast and brightness - this will make the sharper, or, on the contrary, will soften some of the lines. The color tone will change the nature of photography, for example, to add a little solar lights or make the colder.

All technical retouching can enumerate a long time (even cropping is a means of retouching), the entire list of possible manipulations know not all professional photographers.

Art retouching

Art retouching is the second stage of editing. At this stage you can even change the composition of the photo, add effects that will reveal the.

Since photographers often use the word "retouched" directly to the process for the treatment of skin and appearance in General, you should pay attention to it.

In General, the shading appearance can be divided into two main areas: natural retouching and glossy. The first is used when the photographer need to remove skin blemishes and touch up some imperfections. The model looks absolutely natural, and editing quickly.

Especially natural retouching removes the bags under the eyes, the luster of the skin, wrinkles and folds in the area of double chin, yellow teeth and red eyes.

If necessary, over (it over) do natural retouching glossy. Give the hair a strong Shine, the face is brought to full perfection, the colors are bright and vivid. The appearance is adjusted to the ideal state.

It is obvious that the examples of the glossy appearance can be found on the covers of fashion magazines. By the way, you notice that the pictures of men do not give as much gloss as women. On the face are wrinkles and fading - it is considered an indicator of masculinity.