The effect on blood pressure of black and green tea

Black tea contains caffeine, therefore it has a stimulating effect on the nervous system and improves its tone. After a Cup of this beverage in humans, increases concentration, fatigue disappears. Because the black tea consists of alkaloids, it gives the effect of light excitation and increases the heart rate. Thanks to the components of the caffeine: theobromine, xanthine, novelino, paraxanthine, hypoxanthine, is an increase in blood pressure. Black tea has the ability to hold the pressure for a long period, so it will be useful for people suffering from hypotension and is contraindicated in hypertensive patients.

Unlike black, green tea has an ambiguous effect on blood pressure. The outcome depends on dose, brew tea and the mode of its use. Due to the significant caffeine content, green tea increases blood pressure, then lowers it, normalizing the condition. Loosely brewed green tea lowers blood pressure.

By drinking this beverage healthy or hypertensive caffeine will stimulate the heart and cause vasodilation. This may result in a momentary increase in pressure due to the effects of caffeine can disappear headache, caused by its increase. On hypotensive green tea acts somewhat differently. Caffeine normalizes the vascular tone, which hypotension is often violated, increases the heart rate. The result of such exposure in humans can rise blood pressure.
Effect of green tea tannin softens, so this drink will be more useful than coffee.

The effect on blood pressure hibiscus tea

Very useful for the body is red hibiscus tea (or Hibiscus). It is composed of anthocyanins, they strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve their permeability, and normalize the blood pressure. This drink is a unique type of action on blood pressure: hibiscus tea is hot it rises, and cold drink reduces. Due to this property, hibiscus tea is recommended for hypertensive patients is to reduce the pressure and hypotensive patients to maintain blood pressure in a stable condition.
Hibiscus tea is a good laxative, useful in chronic constipation, atony of the colon.

In addition, hibiscus has a diuretic and antispasmodic effect, reduces cholesterol, has antibacterial effect, normalizes the work of gastrointestinal tract, helps with allergic reactions, toxic poisoning.