Trying to make mashed potatoes, many Housewives make mistakes by adding too much liquid while beating the potatoes. The result is a watery puree, which is not suitable for filling. These dumplings will not hold the shape, and the slightest violation of the integrity of the dumpling when boiling, sauce will pour out. Of course, you can always brew another batch of the filling to replace damaged, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Simple tips experienced mistresses will help to rectify the situation.

If to correct the situation failed, not dispose of the mashed potatoes. It is possible to prepare a lot of delicious food: zrazy, meatballs, pancakes, casseroles, cream soup, etc.

Evaporation of the liquid

If mashed potatoes turned out runny, you can try to evaporate the excess liquid. This can be done in two ways. Put the pan with mashed potatoes on a slow fire. Byprivate moisture for 5-10 minutes while stirring the contents. You can also add mashed cream, which when heated will thicken, and the mass will become more dense consistency. The second method involves the evaporation of water in the oven. To do this, cover a baking sheet with parchment paper and place it on mashed potatoes is not very thick, with a height of approximately 1 cm after 5 minutes, check for adequate amount of liquid evaporates. Do not allow crust to the sauce, otherwise instead of filling for dumplings you will get a potato casserole.

Always cook mashed potatoes from the same potato, because different varieties have different cooking time. And if you overcook the potatoes, it becomes watery.

Additional ingredients

If you don't mind doing a mixed stuffing for dumplings can be added to mashed potatoes grated cheese. It will also help to make the smoothie thicker.

If you have at home a pack of instant mashed potatoes, you can try to thicken them with a liquid filling. The taste of the mash may vary from the original, but the filling will be saved.

Flour and starch will make the sauce more thick and viscous. However, it is worth remembering that in this case, the dumplings can be more heavy and high in calories.

Always add the butter first, until the remaining liquid ingredients: potato broth, milk, broth. It is a necessary ingredient purees, and other liquid components is required not so much for flavor, how much to adjust the consistency of the filling.