Manufacturing technology

Having studied the composition of the package of mashed potatoes of fast preparation, you can see that in the Cup or package are potato flakes, salt, dry milk, seasonings, flavorings and preservatives. At first glance it seems unrealistic ability to turn potatoes into powder or flakes, that pour enough hot water to get real mashed potatoes. However, raw potatoes contain 75% water, which can be removed, retaining the rest of the composition. In ready mashed potatoes, the liquid content may even reach 77%.

The principle of making instant mashed potatoes is based on the idea of the liquid is evaporated. In the production of raw potatoes are washed, cleaned, boiled and cooked puree. Then it is dried with a special machine and pulverized to obtain a particular form: granules, powder or flakes. For example, for the manufacture of a cereal mash is rolled into thin sheets, and then cut.
It is better not to brew the puree directly in plastic cups, and pour it into a glass or metal capacity: when heated, the packaging can release harmful substances.

The characteristics of the composition

In addition, at the stage of preparation, the product is enriched with mineral and flavoring additives, and to increase the shelf life of the composition are introduced preservatives and oxidants. Many people are deterred by the resulting chemistry set, but do not forget that everything in the world consists of certain chemical elements, including natural vegetables and fruits. The only difference is in whether a chemical compound naturally or as a result of chemical synthesis.

A lot of criticism and causing the contents in instant products, flavour enhancer, often monosodium glutamate. There are many myths associated with this Supplement. However, not all know that monosodium glutamate is naturally found in many fresh vegetables, but pretty quickly disintegrates during storage. Artificially synthesized monosodium glutamate is widely used in Asian cuisine as it stimulates a special area of taste buds, enriching the taste of food.
The lethal dose of MSG seven times more than the dose of salt.

It is a lot of debate about the usefulness of the mashed potatoes, however, even doctors, nutritionists conclude that although homemade mashed potatoes are much healthier, instant products do not harm, if you observe moderation in their use.