Apply to transfer a directory of contractors handling "Generic XML data exchange", which should be on the disk information and technical support of "1C:Enterprise". With it you can load and unload data in XML format between databases of different configurations.
Unzip the above processing. Go to the Configurator and navigate to the processing folder Conversion, select the file "Upload describe the structure of the metadata configuration", save it and exit the Configurator.
Open the database, then go to the saved file and open another file under the name DATA (расширение.xml). Don't forget to set the period.
Select the data to upload. In our case, this directory of contractors. Click on the button "download data". Wait until the discharge and close the database.
Go to the new Configurator database. Open the file, find it in the handling file with the name "ВыгрузкаЗагрузкаДанныхXML", save it and exit the Configurator.
Open the database in "Enterprise". Download the file "ВыгрузкаЗагрузкаДанныхXML". In the open window go to the tab "Download", select the file in the new folder DATA.xml, check the required checkboxes and click the button "Load data".
Save if desired, external processing in the configuration, then it will not interfere with the installation of the updates. In the same way you can easily transfer data from one program to another 1C with the same configurations, as well as certain documents or period.