Rules of selection wedding dresses

The choice of wedding dress experts recommend to start by looking through photos in magazines and on the Internet. So you can roughly determine the range of their preferences. When viewing be sure to keep a record. In notebook, list the page numbers and journal names, favorite colors, styles, finish.

The color of the dress the modern bride is not required to be white. A great alternative are shades of cream, ivory, champagne. A more radical option that is suitable for the bold and adventurous natures – colored dress. For example, red, hot pink or sapphire. Girls serious, fatal and all-sufficient can try and wedding dress black. This outfit will be long remembered and groom, and the invited.
Black wedding dresses look unusual and elegant. Ideal as a sexy, relaxed girls who are not afraid of other people's opinions. Sweet and romantic bride in this Gothic outfit can be uncomfortable.

Wedding dress should only be purchased after fitting. The style of the dress should emphasize dignity of the figure, forming an alluring silhouette. The most common today dress "Princess", "mermaid", "Greek". They do not fit every bride, because it requires a certain body type. But "a-line" is a universal style that will look great on almost any figure.

Picking up the dress, also focus on the time of year. For a winter holiday perfect slim, body-hugging silhouettes. In this case, you can put on top of your outfit or coat is a beautiful coat and a great shooting on the street. Wedding in the warmer months, allows you to choose not only the classic options, but also mini dresses.

Short wedding dress is very comfortable and practical. Selecting a bodily or dairy pantyhose, you will look touching and deciding on accessories is impressive and unusual. Today's most popular short dresses in retro style (as concise options of the 20-ies and outfits with podobnymi from the 50's).

Right shoes is the key to a good holiday

Shoes are an important part of the wedding image that you want to choose the right. When choosing stylists are advised to adhere to several conditions. First, the shoes should fit perfectly to the dress. Some experts suggest to change the usual scheme, and to begin to make the wedding the way it is with shoes. However, it is better to at least roughly understand what style and length would be the height.
Shoes should be comfortable and beautiful. Do not purchase shoes with extremely high heels: legs tired quickly, and you won't be able to have fun at the festival. Alternatively, have two pairs: for official and table parts.

The second condition: the shade of the shoes needs to be as close to the tone of the dress. Especially if your choice fell on an outfit is an unusual color. Remember that shoes are visible from under the dress of any length. However, there is a "wand" on all occasions: shoes shade nude.

The third condition: with a white dress you can wear bright shoes. Classic wedding dress looks natural and familiar, but the shoes "tone on tone" in this case, pick up would be difficult. Make the image of an element of originality by choosing colored shoes and jewelry. Traditional dress will look beautiful gold, silver, bronze shoes. Remember: shoes should match in color with the jewelry and hair accessories.