When buying dresses it is better to bring someone from relatives or friends. It often happens that you need advice on looking from the side, their opinion will help to pobriti the right outfit.
A day of trying on dresses they have to wear the underwear that you will be at the wedding. If you buy a dress with an open top, it is very important to know how it looks with the bra, not too deep neckline, and enough raised breast. Such seemingly small things play a big role in the appearance of the bride.
If you have thin shoulders, a dress with an open top is better not to take not to highlight this deficiency.
With tight hips will look perfectly puffy skirt.
Curvy is better not to dress in ruffles – the extra volume adds even more visual completeness. Therefore, it is better to take the dress without excessive pomp with a straight skirt.
If the bride is not too thin waist, we should pay attention to dress without belt. But if you are the owner of wasp waist, the dress you can choose with a wide belt that will emphasize your advantages.
When selecting your dress in advance to get an idea about the outfit. If a dress you do not like does not match your ideal, you should not succumb to blandishments. Anyway, you will feel "not at ease".
Try to experiment – try extravagant dress, and suddenly it is for you.
In selecting dresses of great importance is color. The traditional white dress is always beautiful, but maybe you'll be irresistible in dress champagne color or dress of cold colors. Such options should also be considered.
Many styles of dresswill help the bride to visually adjust the height. If the bride is low, then a dress with a plunging neckline and a flowing skirt. In this dress you will look taller, especially if you decide on shoes with a high stiletto heel. For tall brides the ideal dress with a drop waist and a full skirt.
When choosing the dress is important to consider which accessories you will choose not to "overdo it". Along with the dressm you can try on a veil and gloves. For those who believe in signs, recall that it is not customary to look in the mirror before the wedding in full regalia. Better then to remove one glove or stocking.
Special attention should be paid to the lace-up corset. In a dress you'll be spending the day, so lace should be convenient and rather free.