The most popular way currently is to appeal to the Internet. Go on various Dating sites, view social networking sites (Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, world and others). On these sites by entering the name, surname and city you will be given several options of specific people. Since most people are logged in networks in the presence of pictures, view the information, you will only get to know the person and contact him.
Go to different forums for certain topics, if you remember the occupation or Hobbies of the person you want to find in Samara. It can be an active participant in the forum under your name and surname (if he has not created a pseudonym).
Contact Central state archive of Samara region, located to the address: Samara, the Samara area, street Molodogvardeiskaya, house 35. You can get there by bus № 24, 25, 31,37, 46, 47,61 (to the station "revolution Square"), the number 53 bus (to the stop "Ulitsa Molodogvardeyskaya"), tram № 1, 3, 15, 16, 18, 20 (to the stop "Street Ventseka"). Go to the information Desk after learning the mode of receiving visitors. If you are an individual, write a statement on the provision of services of searching a specific person; if you are a legal entity, make a contract with the archive. State archives responds to a request about the biography and genealogy of people.
View the phone book online the city of Samara. It contains all the information about the organizations in the city and the subscribers, living in Samara. To find the phone number of a specific person, enter in the search field the name of the subscriber. You need to spend some time to call the proposed phone number and introduced himself to ask if people know you?
Hire a private investigator if your search is not successful. A good detective will be able to establish the whereabouts and telephone number of a person, knowing only the name.