Most often at day 8 March women give tulips, which are considered a symbol of the coming spring. Red, pink, yellow, purple and white - these seemingly simple flowers can have the most various coloring and shape of the buds, so you can choose various options to please even the most demanding ladies. Elegant basket full of multicolored tulips, or a bouquet of red (pink or white) flowers no one can remain indifferent.
On March 8, as in any other celebration, the actual roses are considered the Queen of flowers. A bouquet of roses is perfect for a young girl, the white haired lady, so they can safely give to all women.
The first spring flowers (snowdrops, hyacinths, daffodils), a reminder that winter has lost its rights to the spring are also popular in this holiday. Very gently, and look fragrant hyacinths are sold as cut arrows with flowers, and whole plants in small pots.
An original and memorable gift would be an exotic Orchid, which fascinate visitors by their beauty. This bouquet is perfect for a beloved woman and emphasize the special attitude to it. Additionally, Orchid will be a wonderful gift for those women who have original taste and like to surround themselves with unusual objects.
What flower is associated March 8? Of course, with Mimosa, soft yellow balls, which have become a real symbol of this holiday. Sprigs of Mimosa to give to women and girlfriends, Mimosa can complement a bouquet of other flowers, thus giving it a festive flavor.
But the diversity of the floral world does not end on the listed plants. Chrysanthemums, lilies, carnations, Cala, gerberas, freesias, these flowers will please women no less tulips or roses. But if you know what kind of flower prefers to bestow person – you and cards in hands.
There is another interesting idea to present a flower in a pot. This can be any attractive plant, and not necessarily flowering. This gift is especially suitable for those ladies who love to take care of house plants. Luxuriantly flowering Bush in a pot looks very nice and original and in any case will last longer than the fresh cut bouquet.