Indoor flower you can give to any person, even if the taste preferences of which you are completely unknown. It can be the girl new boss or new neighbors, in General, people, tastes and preferences which you know nothing yet. In this situation, the flower pot is the most preferred and a safe bet.

What flower is the best gift?

If the owners have a large spacious house for them without slowdowns to buy flowers interior type, because they are large in size and therefore would fit well in such a room.
To this type include arcurio, dracaena, kordilinu, fats and other plants.

In small houses such giants will only clutter the extra space, and look totally inappropriate. Therefore, such plants are likely to be an ideal gift for people interested in design or have office space.

Women loving in every way to decorate your home with different patterns, and perhaps even fountains also certainly be happy with flowers in a pot. In this exquisitely furnished interior are great to look Maranta, calathea, Euonymus, reoeption.

Now become very popular flowering plants, but if you choose such, you need to think, buy not yet bloomed flower and give the owner the most to grow it or to give just "in his Prime". Especially beautiful flowers such as Spathiphyllum, Saintpaulia, begonia, and others.
These flowers are very beautiful and it is unpretentious in care, so will suit even the most busy people.

When a flower is chosen a flower shop should be asked to carefully pack your gift, especially if you acquire it in winter season. Even a couple minutes on the street can be deadly for plants.

What flowers in pots to give it is impossible

According to folk belief, it is believed that it is forbidden to give the palm, as well as curly varieties of plants (vines and others), as they promise a quarrel in the family. Another flower - Hoya during their flowering, "crying", why he has the nickname "widow's tears", from the name to the legends - just one step.

The color names must always prejudiced. For example, ivy is popularly called "nugegoda" in one word, even if in a particular family and don't believe in superstitions and omens, flowers with similar nicknames, it is best not to present.

No wonder so many years was so many various beliefs, perhaps those people who the gift is intended, firmly believe in the so-called magic colors.