Advice 1: How to make a blue rose

For many years geneticists and breeders trying to get blue roses, but from nature the rose does not contain the gene for blue pigment, and then its petals may not have the shades of blue. But scientists breeders from Japan have been able to grow blue roses by a long operating life and crossbreeding with other plants. Although, there is another method of painting roses, more easy and fast, which is available to each of us.
How to make a blue rose
You will need
  • White rose, blue ink, water, Bank
The process of painting roses easy and takes time from 15 hours to days. You need to take a white rose and pre-cut the leaves, otherwise they too will succumb to the color, and the Bud will take longer to fill.
How to make a blue rose
Pour in a jar one hundred grams of room temperature water and add ink. Mix well water. Consistency of paint should be a tone darker than the expected color of a rose.
How to make a blue rose
Cut off about an inch diagonally from the stem. It is necessary for the best hydration, i.e. water absorption.
How to make a blue rose
Put a rose in colored water for at least 15 hours. The stem must be immersed at about three inches. Do not forget to watch as rose colored as it may absorb the paint more than you expect. As soon as the Bud will turn out rose and put in plain water.
Useful advice
The color and quality of the water affects the color and quality roses. Try to do water, rich in color, otherwise pokrasovatsya your flower will take longer time;

The more you leave the leaves on the stem, the longer it will be painted Bud;

The leaves on the stem, usually painted too, but sometimes they remain green. Therefore, it is possible to first dye a rose, and then to see how the leaves are dyed and unnecessary cut;

There is a quicker way of painting the petals of the balloon, but then the rose will absorb the color and even the smell of paint that does not erode. While coloring through the stem retains its original natural odor. But the water still contains paint and is a chemical solution, so long flowering Bud hope not.

Advice 2: How to grow a blue rose

For many years growers tried to breed blue roses, and in the process surveys were received even black flowers. The solution to this problem was found only in the late twentieth century.


In the early twentieth century in Germany were withdrawn violet roses, the color was far from deep blue, to the same bloom they are very reluctant and rarely, so the popularity of these flowers has won. After years of fruitless attempts to bring the best florist blue roses, they have become a symbol of impossible dreams, becoming a synonym of impossibility.

Flower market waiting for a blue rose for a very long time, so some manufacturers decided to deal with this problem mechanically, and began to paint the white roses blue.

By the end of the twentieth century have the opportunity to explore the flowers and plants at the genetic level, it is possible to establish the cause of failure in breeding blue roses. Studies have shown that absolutely all types of roses is missing the pigment delphinidin, which is responsible for the blue color.

For the separation of a blue gene from pansies began in 1990, fourteen years for the researchers to correctly implement it in the genes of the rose. The first blue rose, named Suntory Blue Rose Applause in honor of the Japanese company which sponsored research and development. In 2008 this rose entered the free market after the approval of the Committee on the protection of the environment.

How to paint a rose flower in blue colour?

As bred blue roses hard to find in small flower shops, and they are quite expensive, you can use a simple way, which many producers used back in the mid-twentieth century. This method is very simple, takes about twelve hours to days.

You will need white rose and ink. With roses it is advisable to remove all the leaves, otherwise they will turn blue, then slow staining of the Bud. In a small jar, pour about half a Cup of pure water at room temperature, add ink. Stir the resulting solution, it needs to be about the darker tone of the desired color of roses. Cut the stalk diagonally into inch of that water is better absorbed. Set the rose in the colored water for twelve to fifteen hours. The stem should be submerged about three centimeters. Regularly check the progress of staining, since it can absorb too much paint. When the flower is colored, place it in a vase with plain water.

Advice 3: How to get blue roses

Blue roses are perhaps the most unusual colors that can be found on the shelves of flower shops. Unusual color of the buds though artificial, but still is a genuine delight, to whom a bouquet was presented.
A bouquet of blue roses as a token for a sweetheart
The first mention of blue roses was found in the Kipling poem. It tells about a guy in love, the girl who demanded a sign of his feelings to give her a bouquet of blue roses. In search of the poor young man was forced to spend many years of his life, but he never managed to find not one flower blue.

Are there varieties of blue roses

Now one can often find seedlings of blue roses in various directories of gardening but many gardeners will be annoyingly disappointed by the lack of the desired result. In fact, varieties of blue roses do not exist in nature. Many geneticists and plant breeders for decades searched for a way to grow a blue rose or blue, but in the end they did not succeed. The thing is that rose is no blue pigment delphinidin. The only way to get blue roses is to simply paint them. For example, in the Netherlands, learned to paint roses in the process of their cultivation. To do this, the flowers are grown not in soil, but in hydroponic plant, in the growth process of treating plant roots, fertilizer, plentifully containing a coloring pigment. In our area haven't grown blue roses, their color after cutting.

How to actually make the roses blue

To get a bouquet of blue roses special efforts are made unnecessary. For painting colors will need white roses, bucket, 0.7 liters of water and ink blue.
In a bucket of water added blue ink. The prepared solution should be a tone darker than the desired color of roses;
You will need to remove the maximum number of leaves with roses. This is to avoid the purchase leaves the blue tint for a more intense staining of the Bud.
For a more rapid staining is recommended to make a centimeter oblique cut at the base of the stem.
- After preparing the roses are placed in a bucket, it is important to make sure that the stems did not fall below three inches in staining solution.

After about 15 hours the buds will take on a blue color. These roses are kept for quite a long time and do not lose their flavor after staining.

There is an alternative way to get blue roses at home. To do this, the buds of white roses just painted blue with spray paint. The appearance of the flower after treatment is stunning, but this method is not popular because the rose does not stand for more than two days. Bud also loses its flavor and gets the smell of paint.
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