You will need
  • White rose, blue ink, water, Bank
The process of painting roses easy and takes time from 15 hours to days. You need to take a white rose and pre-cut the leaves, otherwise they too will succumb to the color, and the Bud will take longer to fill.
How to make a blue rose
Pour in a jar one hundred grams of room temperature water and add ink. Mix well water. Consistency of paint should be a tone darker than the expected color of a rose.
How to make a blue rose
Cut off about an inch diagonally from the stem. It is necessary for the best hydration, i.e. water absorption.
How to make a blue rose
Put a rose in colored water for at least 15 hours. The stem must be immersed at about three inches. Do not forget to watch as rose colored as it may absorb the paint more than you expect. As soon as the Bud will turn out rose and put in plain water.