No sweet drinks do not quench your thirst as this will make a natural drink based on lemon juice - lemonade. Natural lemonade is good because it does not contain any artificial colors and flavors, in fact it is a lot of vitamins and nutrients, besides it quenches thirst and regulates water-alkaline balance in the body. To prepare at home lemonade in a variety of ways and with the addition of different ingredients.

Classic lemonade

A classic recipe of lemonade is very simple. It is used for hundreds of years in different countries to make a refreshing lemon drink. For preparing the classic lemonade from lemons squeeze the juice and dilute with pure cold water for a glass of juice per liter of water. In lemonade, sugar is added to taste, stir, pour into glasses and serve.

A more complex recipe of lemonade involves boiling. Lemons together with the peel cut into a saucepan, pour water, add sugar and bring it to boil. After cooling, the lemonade is bottled and stored in the fridge.

Modern lemonade

Very interesting way to make lemonade at home with the use of mineral soda water. This takes any two-liter bottle of mineral water, opened and drained a glass of water. Now one lemon cut into pieces with peel on the size of the neck of the bottle. Slices of lemon pushed into the bottle with mineral water. You can take a few sprigs of mint and also add in a future lemonade.

Fans of sweet drinks can sweeten this mixture, but the lemonade and mineral water that is delicious as savory. Now the bottle is closed, vzbaltyvayut and removed in the refrigerator to cool. After a couple of hours to drink just a terrific refreshing carbonated lemonade.

Ginger lemonade

For those wishing to lose weight or just for fans to indulge themselves healthy drinks prepared by their own hands, it may be advisable to make ginger lemonade. It is also quite simple. A glass of water and Cup of brown brown sugar to put on a small fire. When the sugar has dissolved add the syrup 50 grams of grated ginger root and mix bring to a boil. Remove from heat and let stand for about ten minutes. Then add to the mixture the juice of four lemons and pour the two litres of water. After complete cooling strain the lemonade and serve with ice.